Welcome to the MCMania Server Network donations page! All donations on the server go straight back into it, helping to advertise, reduce lag, create more servers and better plugins, and much more!

Donating will earn you many perks and commands depending on how much you donate. You will also receive a cool coloured name, or even a custom prefix! (Colours and prefixes may vary per server/rank) Check out what each rank offers by using the 'Buy' button to the right of the package name!

Press the appropriate tab to view the donation options for that server.

Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy can be reviewed when checking out. Thank you for your genorosity!

Please note that if you appear to see that a price is crossed out and appears cheaper after you have donated, it is not a sale, it is because a lot of the donations accumulate. This means that if you were to buy a $10 rank and saw that the $20 rank is now $10, it's not a sale, it's just because you've already paid $10 towards reaching the $20 rank.



If you have donated BEFORE Buycraft was added OR you are a Staff Member / VIP and wish to upgrade your donation, select the 'Old to New Donations' tab at the top and enter how much you wish to donate there. Note that this is NOT automatic and therefore will take time for me to add this payment.

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kevinpredator7 • Today 13:40
$100 Rank - MileHigh • 20.00 USD
pikakittymonster • Today 21:03
$25 Rank - Miner • 20.00 USD
kevinpredator7 • Sat 16:07
$20 Rank - Summoner • 16.00 USD
superdanbot1 • 18th Jul 14
$70 Rank - Angel • 32.00 USD
OverlordDavid • 15th Jul 14
$100 Rank: Notch • 40.00 USD
Jaiden_11 • 13th Jul 14
$50 Rank - FireLord • 40.00 USD
sky_walker_jedi • 13th Jul 14
$20 Rank: Gold • 12.80 USD
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